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mchenry tunnel. harbor tunnel, southbound traffic has opened up. the earlier disabled vehicle has been removed. so now traffic is knoll freely. it what been -- is flowing freely. we are moving well topside and west side of the beltway. we are gathering more information about a fire that happened in the hampden area in baltimore. flames raced through a three- story home on roland avenue shortly before three this morning. sherrie johnson is live at the scene with the very latest. >> reporter: well, we just got off the phone with nurses at bayview medical burn center and they weren't able to give me information yet. they didn't have new information yet on the woman that was injured in the fire that happened here earlier this morning. as you can see, behind me here, the crews are still here. they are on the screen. investigators are walking around talking to folks. but crews arrived here at 3917 roland avenue to find the
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middle of the group row home in flames. 24-year-old amy miller was home alone when the fire broke out. again, she was taken to bayview burn centers with burns to her hands and we will check throughout the morning on her condition. the fire started in the third floor in the rear of the building. that fire broke out near the st. mary's roland view towers i was senior living facility. they have a lot of senior apartments. we caught up with a woman who lives there and is a firecaptain on her floor and we talked to her as she went into action. >> at first i. thought, oh, my god, it's here. and then, luckily, no, because i would have been up and helping the-- well -- >> reporter: now so far there is no word on what exactly caused the fire, and if you want more information, head to and we have a number of pictures and raw video there so you can go there
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for more information and coming up at 6:45, we will have more reaction from people who live nearby about this fire. reporting live in hampden, sherrie johnson. members in northeast baltimore says police should have done more after a 911 call led them to a home where three people were shot. the call came into the city around 4:30 yesterday morning. police came to the home but they gnt go in. nearly two hours -- didn't go in. nearly two hours later the house was on fire and they went in and found the three victims. >> i think they should have went in. when you get a gunshot report, i mean, come on now. if they were shot, how they going to come answer the door? >> the victims died a 58-year- old man, a 36-year-old woman and her 27-year-old boyfriend. city police say they are investigating the initial response from their officers. baltimore city police arrest a suspect who he they say opened fire at an officer around 10 last night. we are told no one was hurt. a warrant has been issued for an arrest of a 16-year-old
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accused of kidnapping a baby. jonae boozer has been charged as an adult with child abduction, assault and burglary. we told you she was baby- sitting the 7-month-old boy while his father went to the store. when he got home they were gone. they were found safe in washington, d.c. on monday morning. a 17-year-old from pasadena has been charged with atempt murder. alan shan-- -- attempted murder. allen shank is accused of stabbing his father. he and his father got into an argument and he grabbed a knife and stabbed his father several times. a woman charged with abusing more than a hundred horses will be back in court. the trial begins today and linda so is here with new information on the horse that is were abused. linda. >> reporter: we talked to the woman in charge of caring for the animals and tells us the horses are nurseded back to health but have long way to go. we have new pictures. they were taken yesterday and sent to us by a volunteer
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coordinator. the horses are being cared for at the days inn farm rescue. the director says the animals are doing well but many require multiple feed and rehe habilitation. -- rehabilitation. in april they were taken from a illegal horse breeding farm. animal control officers found 140 horses severely malnourished. one had to be put down. the owner marcia parkinson, faces multiple counts of animal cruelty for failing to provide adequate care for the animals. the trial begins today in a queen anne's county courtroom. goal disco rehabilitate the horse and get them ready for adoption. you can help by giving donations or volunteering. if interested, call the horse farm rescue farm in woodbine at 31 0á 1-854-5037. linda so, abc2 news. 4 minutes after 6. a woman who police say robbed a bank to buy christmas presents for her three children has pled guilty.
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she was sentenced to year in jail. prosecutors says she put on a wig, passed a note to a teller at a bank in frederick in december. she walked out with nearly $3,000 but was caught about an hour later. a baltimore county man has to wait to find out if he will be granted compassionate relief. henry cole is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer and the bureau of prisons wants him back in kentucky for him to finish hissentence. during a emergency hearing a judge said it didn't make sense to waste taxpayer money to send him somewhere else. >> it's absurbed he has to be returned to kentucky for this examination. the last time i checked, maryland is part of the united states of america. and think we can do it here. >> the judge ruled a stay of 30 days in cole's case and he is calling for a doctor here to treat him. one harford community is glad the power is back on now. but they were upset they had to throw out food and sweat it out in the half they heat a few
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days ago, we told you about this. the first report aired showing the problems in and around the grafton ridge area. bge crews were out laying new underground lines. but people in the neighbor shooed says the problem has gone on for several weeks and they have thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of food and spend money on a hotel room. >> especially having young children here, i worry that is it going to be two hours that i have to take them outside and keep them cool, or is it going to be we have to pack everything up. >> we have been work for well over a year. we have started planning and designing and literally mapping out how to go about this process well over a year ago. along the way, we have had to a get permits and we have had to install equipment. >> a community meeting is being planned to inform homeowners inthe area belt improvements. the u.s. -- area about the improvements. the u.s. postal service is
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considering cloying -- closing several centers to conserve money. ten of those locations are in maryland. news is week after the most master general talked about the possibility of shutting down saturday dhfery. it's the place -- delivery. it's a place where wound soldiers and presidents have gone for medical attention. today the walter reed army medical center will hold a ceremony as they prepare to close their doors. walter reed closes officially in september. there's somethings you see on infomercial and can't help but wonder does it really work? abc2 is working for you to put things to the test and this morning we are looking at the gyro bowl a. bowl blazed on a globe or gyro scope designed to be spill proof as gadget for your kids. we asked taste why -- stacy and her two daugters to put it to the test. in the series of test, it didn't make the grade causing
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messes and a number of spills. >> they tip things over. when it turns to the side while grabbing in there, they are falling out. >> yeah also her 10-month-old daughter took the bowl apart in 5 minutes. to see the test, and maybe if you want to test it, go to buff if you want to be a tester,-- but if you want to be tester, e mail us at morning show at lawmakers have less than a week to come up with a solution to keep the nation from going into financial crisis. you are getting up, so hopefully you slept through the night. what research finds out about restful sleep. funnel cloud caught on tape. people wake up to a mess in their community. first, up to new york for a look at this morning's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, credit concerns. thanks to the rangeeling in -- wrangeling in washington, experts predict the federal
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government will lose the aaa credit rating and be rated like countries of slovenia and bur mewedda. there are -- bermuda. there are many foreclosures waiting to go on the market and bring price down further. the parent company of dunkin donuts goes public today and that's setting up a coffee battle with starbucks and mcdonald's. the cash it raise also help it expand west of the mississippi where the rivals have more stores. they make most of the money from coffee. and for the first time shares of apple computer are opening above 4 hundred 4u7b dollars. that -- 400 dollars. that makes it the second most valuable company not far from exxon mobile and ahead of microsoft. that's america's money. a@aai
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this morning a madge cleanup after -- major cleanup after severe storms ripped through massachusetts. you can see the funnel cloud in the upper right hand conner of the screen. tornado warnings were issued but there's been no confirmation of touchdowns so far. one person has been killed and police say the utility pole fell on a motorcylist in massachusetts. now, power lines were knocked out so thousands of people were without power. >> it was pretty ferocious. i was clog the windows in my -- closing the windows in my dining room and saw gust of wind. >> the wind was intense and you could hardly see across the street. >> there were reports of flooding in the area as well. and severe weather rolling through connecticut. plenty dough nestic -- domestic cleanup after storms did damage there. you can see the high winds brought down a number of trees.
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and doesn't forget to track severe weather on your own in your neighborhood right down to your street. go to the wmarabc2 weather app. head to and there you can find the free weather app link and instructions on how to get the weather app is there for you. hi. >> hi now over to just in. >> you are busy playing with -- playing with the app. >> i paid the morey -- money for the ipad app. >> good stuff huh? >> aid great app. >> and today we will plot just temperatures. there's not much to see in the sky. the satellite is clear. maryland's most powerful doppler radar is clear. we watched the sun com at 6:03 -- come up at 6:03. then we take you down by the
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bay and look at the view here this morning from the naval academy at 76 degrees. temperatures still holding milder around the mid- chesapeake and it's about a high pressure trying to work its way in and keep and suppress the heat away from the area for one more day. and that departing storm complex that came out of new england and blowing up towards the canadian maritimes, that is working together with the high pressure to drag down refreshing canadian air for just one more day. it was hot yesterday at 95. but at least we had the drop in the humidity. today's temperatures may very well hold in the upper 80s. but then we will get that surge returning on the backside of high pressure. winds will swing back to the southwest. and the humidity will come back with that as well. a little less humid today and a cool down to near normal temperatures. we will show outfuture radar and there's not much -- you the future radar, and there's not much to look at for today and tonight. we will watch the cloud cover that may fire up storms in central virginia tomorrow afternoon. we may have an overnight shower
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thursday night into friday morning as indicated by this computer model. and then we will watch just the heat and humidity come back in towards the end of the week a good blue sky. we had some really nice weather before the last heatwave and this is short but we will look at 89 degrees. it will be the first time many of us have seen that in a week and it could be another week until we see it again. let's make the most of this one. mostly comfortable for us thanks to the winds out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. tonight, clear skies, we will drop back into the 60s including the baltimore area. low 70s downtown and by the bay. and we get our way back up. tomorrow, could jump to 95. overnight lows in the mid-70s. we introduce the humidity with the heat. it could be an oppressive day on friday. we have done that but doesn't mean we need to do it again right? or maybe soch the floor director loves -- so. the floor director love the weather. 98 will be uncomfortable on
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friday. lows near 80 only scattered afternoon storms. so not a widespread event. but some of the storms could be with torrential downpours and we have done that drill. 97 monday and dropping to 91 by tuesday. right now let's see what's happening with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we have a couple incidents. one of them affecting traffic top side of the beltway. let's check 695 at wilkins on southwest side, most traffic is on the outer loop to the left of your screen. drive times are okay at this point but elsewhere 83 from shawan to the beltway 5 minutes, 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes. traveling the outer loop 795 to 70, that slows you down about 9 minutes. bel air to providence takes 6 to 9 minutes. we have an accident up ahead. speaking of our accidents, let's look at 95 southbound before 24 in harford county they accidently -- the accident is on right shoulder. top side the accident i was talking about, the outer loop
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at jfx over on the left shoulder. it may slow down thanks little bit. megan. 16 minutes after 6. health news this morning. word a number of doctors are not recommending a life saving test for women with family history of breast cancer. the quick blood test can tell if a woman has a certain genetic mutation that would automatically make her five times more likely to develop breast cancer than the average woman. >> once the test identifies imitation in the individual-- a mutation in that individual, we can give them a percentage of risk. >> according to the national cancer institute, 12% of all women will develop breast cancer, but women with the genetic new tigss 60% will -- mutations, 06% will get -- 60% will get breast cancer. it turns out how long you sleep is not as important as how many times you wake up during the night a researcher at stanford conducted a study and found mice with sleep interrupted showed signs of memory loss but with mice
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thatslept throughout the night they woke up more curious and interested in learning. >> gl a dangerous situation in south korea. >> stay-- a san diego rouse -- dangerous situation in south korea. >> stay with us. the dramatic rescue is caught on tape. and in south africa, justin, perk up. snow. by the foot. yeah. it's shut the area down there. we will give outnew images from johannesburg. first, time to say happy birthday to those of you celebrating. we know her and love her cheryl conner celebrating a birthday today. happy birthday, cheryl. hope it's great one>> and the picture of the day. michael phelps of the 200 meter butterfly in the final day 11th, in shanghai china, 14- time olympic champion didn't like losing the 200 meter free style and even if it was good
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it was good to see him competing. >> we will be right back.
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new if from around the world. clean -- news from around world, cleaning has begun in norway. breivik's attorney is too dwroirl say whether he will plead insanity. this morning, the mayor of kandahar afghan tan is dead following a suicide bomb attack overnight. the taliban claims it planned the attack. state officials say that he died while at a city hall meeting in the capital. the attacker placed an explosive device in his turbin and detonated it inside the meeting. one civilian was injured and it's the second time in less
6:23 am
than two weeks a senior official has been assassinated. the men convicted of the lobber by bombing makes an appearance at libya state television station. we are told that he attended a rally in tripoli in support of mow march qaddafi -- mow march cay -- moammar qaddafi. he was the only man convict in the bombing flight over scotland in 2009. a scottish doctor said he had months to live after being diagnosed with prostate canser. bad weather may be to blame for the a deadly military plane crash in southern morocco. 78 people were killed and 3 others injured. the plane belonged to the royal armed forces. the c130 went down in the mountainous region trying to land. heavy rains triggered landslides in south cree' capital and in a town north of there. 17 people were killed and 3 people are missing. fast moving muddy waters filled the streets and they captured the rescue. a group of people had to
6:24 am
scramble on the roof tops of the paringly submerged cars to he is -- partially submerged cars to escape the water. look at this. nearly 2 feet of snow bringing traffic and schools and businesses and everything to a halt in south africa from goas hans burg and parts of south africa receive a dusting once maybe twice a year usually. incredible video to share this morning. this is out of california. >> what happened here and how long it takes firefighters to tackle something that is this big. and at this whom he doesn't have to wear clothes if he wants but you think it would make fighting an intruder more difficult. >> reporter: chaotic new twist in the fight to reach a deal on the nation's debt ceiling.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." the finger-pointing continues this morning. what will it take for law makers to agree on a deal with the death. in one community they don't want to just know what happened to neighbors in baltimore city. they want to know why police went to a crime scene twice. and we hear it the heat is the hardest on the elderly. this morning whoa learn the sad
6:28 am
way it is also true. that and much more coming up on this wednesday, july 27th, good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. let's get to weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> we are watching temperatures continuing to watch the temperature trend drop down and bounce off the bottom this morning. 72 easton and 74 here in baltimore. but look at that, 80 in patuxent river. that's the sign of the heat slipping out of maryland and watch what's trying to enter from the north side. 61 right now. that sound nice and york, p.a. we watched western maryland with the numbers but actually that's a lot closer. that's dropping down and that's because of the winds out of north. our dew point a true measure of moisture and we are down to 60 and that's very comfortable forsummer readings. 57 in york back towards hagerstown wu with the dew point and that's the signal of dry air in terms of the conditions we have here in late july. mid-70s. we will go to 85 at lunchtime. 89 the two degree guaranteed
6:29 am
high near normal. cooler than yesterday's 95. and it will be much less humid so a comfortable a beautiful day setting up but only one day. the heat returns and we will talk about that next. right now let's do traffic with tonya. >> reporter: starting to -- tanya. >> reporter: starting to get volume but everyone is dealing with it. let's look at the northwest side 695 at liberty road, we have the volume building on outer loop to the left moving well through the construction on the inner loop. and har forecounty, we have an accident -- harford county, we have an accident 59 southbound before 24 on the right shoulder. we have an accident on the inner loop that's at bethlehem boulevard 158 past exit 43. also an outer loop accident at the jfx on the left shoulder. back to you. aa. >> twist in the -- a new twist in the-- a new twist in the debt ceiling debate. linda so is here with what was supposed to happen. >> reporter: a big vote was supposed to happen but it has been

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